Our Way

Working with Nature the Santa Tresa way!

We are extremely proud to be certified organic, but we are so much more than that – it is our way of life, our mind-set and not just the absence of pesticides that we are talking about here.

We take a completely holistic approach to everything we do in order to ensure that we preserve the natural environment, giving something back where ever we can, and planning  for the long-term.  For the last few years we have been renovating the original estate buildings, re-using the stone and wood found in the tumble-down buildings, and in so-doing not only re-create the ancient buildings as truly as possible, but greatly reduce waste.  We use no plastic at all on the estate and produce our own electricity using a large solar panel – there is plenty of sunshine to harness!  We work with nature, respecting the local environment and planning for long-term sustainability.



...we preserve
the natural
environment, giving something back wherever
we can.

The Vineyard

Santa Tresa red soil

Terra Rossa

The soil on the estate has ideal characteristics: a 40-100 centimetre surface layer of light red sandy loam on a well-drained limestone base, which helps to guarantee a constant supply of vital water. Today, the Feudo di Santa Tresa estate has around 50 hectares of vineyards. The minute selection of the clones and rootstocks and […]


Around Us

Mount Etna

The power and romance of Mount Etna, which at 3,323 metres is the tallest active volcano in Europe, and is undoubtedly the single most dominant feature of our part of Sicily.  Etna has attracted artists, poets and authors for centuries – a threatening, majestic presence with the most stunning views. Read more here. http://www.parcoetna.it/


Our Wines

Our Awards

The wines of Santa Tresa are winning awards all over the world. There is nothing better than to receive completely independent endorsements for the quality and style of our wines! Please find our most recent results. Click here for a full list of our awards Latest Awards YEAR COMPETITION PLACE WINE VINTAGE AWARD 2016 Berliner […]