The Vineyard

The Grapes are Transported to the Winery with Great Care

The containers of grapes are brought back to the cool stone buildings of the winery on a regular basis – it is important that they spend as little time as possible out in the vineyard once they have been picked. Each container of grapes is brought in one by one – there are no machines for this!

The grapes are stored in the cool stone building of the winery.  The winery is built using local stone, with walls half a meter thick in order to keep the sun out and the cool air in.

The grapes are stacked in large, airy trays which allow the movement of air, keeping them as cool as possible.

Our Way

The Old & The New

The Feudo (or estate) of Santa Tresa dates back to 1697 – since that time, wine has always been made here.  We found some archive photos taken at the end of the nineteenth century at Santa Tresa. We’ve had a lot of fun re-creating those photos -taken at exactly the same locations on the estate […]


Around Us

Mount Etna

The power and romance of Mount Etna, which at 3,323 metres is the tallest active volcano in Europe, and is undoubtedly the single most dominant feature of our part of Sicily.  Etna has attracted artists, poets and authors for centuries – a threatening, majestic presence with the most stunning views. Read more here.


Our Wines

Our Awards

The wines of Santa Tresa are winning awards all over the world. There is nothing better than to receive completely independent endorsements for the quality and style of our wines! Please find our most recent results. Click here for a full list of our awards Latest Awards YEAR COMPETITION PLACE WINE VINTAGE AWARD 2016 Berliner […]