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Frappato – the perfect red for fish!

In our corner of Sicily, down in the South East, Frappato is the grape of choice and has been grown in the countryside around Vittoria for centuries.

Often a revelation to wine drinkers, Frappato is elegant and refreshing – surprisingly more delicate than many of the muscular reds of Sicily, yet full of character. Santa Tresa Frappato could be termed a “modern classic” – a modern interpretation of an antique style of wine – with all the character of the Frappato grape variety, made in a really modern, approachable way. In Vittoria, we often drink it slightly chilled, with grilled fish.

Wine maker Tasting Notes

The bouquet is fresh and lively, reminiscent of wild strawberries and delicate sweet spices.  The palate is smooth and long, with hints of spice.  The acidity races through the wine, lifting the fruit and releasing a whole variety of fruit flavours in the mouth.

Food pairing suggestions

Grilled or barbequed poultry and tomato-based pasta dishes go very well Frappato and it complements certain fish dishes brilliantly.  Our favourite is Pistachio covered tuna – we have lots of different ways to serve tuna in Sicily and this is one of the best!


2015 International Bioweinpreis Germany Frappato 2014 SILVER
2015 IWSC England Frappato 2014 SILVER
2015 IWC England Frappato 2014 SILVER

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Our Way

The Old & The New

The Feudo (or estate) of Santa Tresa dates back to 1697 – since that time, wine has always been made here.  We found some archive photos taken at the end of the nineteenth century at Santa Tresa. We’ve had a lot of fun re-creating those photos -taken at exactly the same locations on the estate […]


The Vineyard

Santa Tresa red soil

Terra Rossa

The soil on the estate has ideal characteristics: a 40-100 centimetre surface layer of light red sandy loam on a well-drained limestone base, which helps to guarantee a constant supply of vital water. Today, the Feudo di Santa Tresa estate has around 50 hectares of vineyards. The minute selection of the clones and rootstocks and […]


Around Us

Mount Etna

The power and romance of Mount Etna, which at 3,323 metres is the tallest active volcano in Europe, and is undoubtedly the single most dominant feature of our part of Sicily.  Etna has attracted artists, poets and authors for centuries – a threatening, majestic presence with the most stunning views. Read more here. http://www.parcoetna.it/