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Sicily; a beautiful Mediterranean island.

Sicily is a beautiful Mediterranean island, full of ancient monuments, vibrant cities and towns, age-old traditions, a stunning coast-line, fantastic local produce, all overseen by the only live volcano in Europe – the majestic Mount Etna. At Santa Tresa in Vittoria, we are close to many of Sicily’s great attractions.  Below are some places to visit in our region:

Mount Etna

The power and romance of Mount Etna, which at 3,323 metres is the tallest active volcano in Europe, and is undoubtedly the single most dominant feature of our part of Sicily.  Etna has attracted artists, poets and authors for centuries – a threatening, majestic presence with the most stunning views. Read more here.


The Stunning Coastline

The wonderful beaches, lovely coves and beautiful sea-side towns and villages are almost endless in Sicily.  Here are some of Stefano Girelli’s favourite places to visit: PORTO PALO DI CAPO PASSERO A wonderful coastal hideaway – CASSIBILE LAGHETTI A river with a really ancient archeological site. In the main canyon there are some beautiful […]



The capital of the Ragusa province, which neighbours Vittoria, Ragusa is a stunning town, celebrated for its historical and artistic heritage, going back to Greek times. Many ancient monuments still exist, but the town is better known for its baroque architecture, which is breath-takingly beautiful.



Sicily’s second largest city, Catania lies in the shadow of Mount Etna, which has to a certain extent shaped the history of the city.  The old town is relatively small and easy to walk around to see the vast quantity of churches and ancient buildings.