from the depths

The mission of Santa Tresa

We want to tell you, with and through wine, the incredible encounter of Sicilian cultures. We produce authentically Sicilian and strictly organic wines. We want to accompany you to discover places, products, cultures and techniques. Through our work we want to convey love for this incredible territory. Our curiosity has prompted us to re-evaluate varieties and production techniques capable of combining ancient traditions and innovative oenological approaches.

our work

In Santa Tresa we want to "do" excellence.

Santa Tresa, is a jewel made of microclimate, biodiversity and culture. Our work is not limited only to adhering to the rules laid down for organic cultivation but it becomes philosophy, objective, study and finally result. The people of Santa Tresa, no longer mistress but guest and custodian of a unique legacy: the biodiversity of Vittoria.

santa tresa

Choosing Santa Tresa means choosing respect, authenticity and curiosity.

Choosing Santa Tresa, we offer you strictly organic wines of high wine level. You will have the certainty of a product that not only respects but promotes and preserves a terroir and a generous nature that only human respect is enough to produce wonderful fruits.

When you choose Santa Tresa, you demonstrate that you have in your DNA the seed of discovery. You will get to know unique varieties that may have been little enhanced and ancient techniques, such as the use of terracotta amphorae, which together with modern methods and an innate predisposition to experimentation, make our wine unique.

the cerasuolo

Cerasuolo is the wine that made us fall in love with this land.
Its ruby ​​red color and the scents of wild berries. On the palate it is round and elegant, a noble wine that gains intensity with the passing of the years.
The production yield foreseen by the specification is extremely reduced. About 8000 bottles per hectare (10,000 m2).
In the name of Santa Tresa, Cerasuolo di Vittoria is bottled by the cavalier Di Matteo for the first time in 1950, this is the testimony of how one of the oenological excellences was born in Santa Tresa Italian.

Contrada Santa Teresa,
97019 Vittoria RG
t. 0932 184 6555