Frappato Spumante – Christmas bubbles!

Frappato Spumante – Christmas bubbles!

Christmas gastronomic gifts, exclude Panettone & co, but open the door to infinite possibilities. Gift boxes for mixology lovers,special editions of luxury Champagnes, dessert wines that can also be tasted with fine cheeses.
For apetitifs, it is essential to have, or to give as a present, wines which literally give the joy of Christmas – whites and rosés lovingly kept in a cool place with the Christmas beers, reds poured into a decanter, the liqueurs and digestifs that will be the grand finale. Cheers!!

Frappato Spumante: “The colour is that of a pink and gold sunset, the classic, timeless taste is truly of Sicily (served chilled, of course).  Frappato di Santa Tresa is from from a Sicilian winery that produces its vibrant sparkling wines organically, enhancing even the most relaxed aperitif moment.”

Author: Arianna Galati
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