Il Frappato


At Santa Tresa we love to experiment and our Frappato Spumante is the first example of a Frappato Rosé spumante to be made in Sicily.

Grapes: 100% Frappato.
Harvest: the Frappato grapes are hand-picked during the first few days of September once the grapes have reached the perfect balance of sugars and acidity needed for making a good spumante. The grapes are put into small containers and are refrigerated for around 48 hours to reduce the temperature to about 8-10°C.
Vinification: after very careful destemming, the grapes are put into a pneumatic press, where they stay for around 2 hours and are very, very gently pressed at 0.2 bar. The must is chilled to facilitate a natural sedimentation. The alcoholic fermentation occurs at 18-20°C for around 8-10 days and the base wine is then kept refrigerated.
Secondary fermentation: the secondary fermentation for Frappato Brut takes place in small autoclaves at a temperature not exceeding 14°C. The special yeast strains added to initiate the second fermentation work very slowly at this low temperature, helping to retain the freshness and typical characteristics of the Frappato.
Tasting notes: a delicate salmon pink, Il Frappato Spumante Rosé has a fine and consistent perlage. Elegant, with fresh fruity notes on the bouquet, reminiscent of wild strawberries. On the palate, the wine is delicate and harmonious, with lovely fresh fruit flavours, citrussy notes and a pleasant acidity
To serve: The ideal aperitif and perfect accompaniment to seafood antipasti. Excellent with shellfish. In Ragusa, we pair it with our local mortadella. Serve chilled at 8-10°C.

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