Rina Ianca


Rina Ianca is our most award-winning wine in international competitions, demonstrating that while Sicily is known as a red wine producing region, it also makes fantastic white wines.

“Rina Ianca” means “white sand” in Sicilian dialect.

Grapes: 70% Grillo, 30% Viognier.
Harvest: the Grillo and Viognier grapes are harvested by hand and are put in small containers of 15kg. Viognier is harvested at the end of August, while Grillo is harvested during the first half of September.
Vinification: both grape varieties are vinified in a similar way. We chill the grapes overnight in a refrigerated room to lower the temperature to 6-8°C, thereby protecting the aromatic characteristics of the grapes. The following day, the grapes are gently destemmed and very softly pressed. The must remains in a tank for one night at a temperature of around 10°C, allowing the natural sedimentation of all the solid particles to occur. The wine is moved into a stainless steel tank, where fermentation takes place at 17-19°C for 10-12 days.
Ageing: following fermentation, the two wines are blended together and the wine is kept on its fine lees for around 4 months, with frequent stirring.
Tasting notes: an innovative blend of Grillo, an excellent indigenous Sicilian grape variety, with the French Viognier, which enjoys perfect growing conditions at Santa Tresa. The minerality and freshness of the Grillo is perfectly complemented by the intensity and body of the Viognier. Rina Ianca is straw yellow in colour, it has a bouquet layered with white fruits such as peaches, which gradually develop into notes of apricots and herbs. On the palate, is has a wonderful minerality, it is well balanced with a lovely softness on the finish.
To serve: Rina Ianca is the perfect accompaniment to seafood antipasti, shellfish, and pasta or risotto made with fish or vegetables. Also perfect with cured meats. Best served at 10-12°C.
Label design inspiration

The Rina Ianca label is a tribute to the artistry of Norman textiles, a reference to Ruggero II’s royal cloak, the Sicilian king who was known for receiving at his court the very best people from all around the world, regardless of religion, ethnicity or language.

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