The people

Stefano and Marina

Both determined characters with many years of experience behind them, they immediately recognised the potential of Sicily’s terroir.

It was in the early 1990s that brother and sister, Stefano and Marina Girelli, wine entrepreneurs from Trentino, discovered the wonderful vineyards of Sicily. In 2001, Santa Tresa was acquired by Stefano and Marina, who immediately started the project to overhaul the entire estate completely – an enormous task which was spurred on by Sicily’s warm and welcoming character. In a kind of “reverse migration” of coming from the North to the South, rather than the opposite way round, Stefano and Marina have fallen in love with Sicily.

A meeting of thirty years of experience in Trentino and the real Sicily, this is another example of Sicily opening its doors to all cultures.

our team

At Santa Tresa we are one big family.
There is a real richness in our young team – a meeting of cultures, traditions, knowledge and different experiences - and we have a common aim that binds us together.

The quality and character of our wines are a direct result of the dedication of the people working at Santa Tresa, who every day give something of themselves.
The people behind the wines are one of our key strengths; we accept new challenges every day, which feeds the creative ability to produce innovative wines.

The land offers endless, exciting opportunities, which we embrace and explore, always seeking excellence in everything we do.

Contrada Santa Teresa,
Vittoria RG - Sicily · Italy
t. +39 0932 875 615 - e.


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