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Vittoria, Ragusa, Sicilia

Since 1697, Santa Tresa and its wines have been telling the story of Vittoria, a very Sicilian tale.
Santa Tresa is a 50 hectare estate in Vittoria, which is in the Ragusa area in the south east of Sicily.

Santa Tresa is located on a plain, with the Dirillo river to the north, the Iblei mountains to the east and open to the sea to the south and west.
Sicily is a land surrounded by the sea, which has been invaded, lived in, colonised and loved by innumerable people.  Right here in this small corner of the island, we have an extraordinary cultural mix of incredible richness.

Vittoria is dominated by the culture of wine – wine is represented everywhere - in amazing frescoes, in local ceramics and in ancient folklore.

Wine has shaped the lives and memories of the people of Vittoria, who have lived and breathed the culture of wine for over 3,000 years.

since 1697

Santa Tresa dates back to 1697.
The tiny hamlet or “contrada” was dedicated to Santa Teresa at the end of the 17th century.

The saying goes that during a drought, a monk who was looking for water found a little statue of Santa Teresa. He decided to start digging at this precise point and found a water source, which became invaluable for the neighbouring areas. This well still exists today and is situated on the northern boundary of our estate.

In time, La Contrada Santa Teresa became known as simply as Santa Tresa.


Nature, tradition and the meeting of cultures, we have the perfect combination at Santa Tresa.
The name Santa Tresa is an abbreviation in Sicilian dialect for “Santa Teresa”, one of the most loved religious figures in Sicily.

The symbol which is an important part of the brand represents “Sun and Gold” and dates back to medieval times. Sun and Gold are very much associated with Sicily – a land blessed by “golden light”.
Since 1697 Santa Tresa and its wines have been telling the story of Vittoria, which is a very Sicilian story!

Contrada Santa Teresa,
Vittoria RG - Sicily · Italy
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