Frappato Spumante - Bubbles of love

Frappato Spumante - Bubbles of love

February 14, Valentine’s Day, a thousand-year-old convention devoted to love.  A pagan ritual that involves, indeed overwhelms and unites every lover.  What is Valentine’s Day if not a pink apostrophe between the words t’amo (I love you).  A toast for Valentine’s Day is a must, so why not celebrate it with our “bubbles of love” – our pink Organic Frappato Rosé sparkling wine, produced in Sicily. 
The colour is lively and cheeky as one would expect from a rebel.  It is salmon pink, the perlage is both delicate and persistent, like a Sicilian woman, while the nose is reminiscent of the depths of the forest, including hints of strawberries.  The palate is very characterful, with the perfect balance of acidity, softened by fruity notes that characterise its profile.

Author: Francesco Bruno Fadda
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